Working in a Zen Garden

Ole Ersoy
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We tend to regard ourselves as puppets of the Past, driven along by something that is always behind us.

— Alan Watts

Do you ever “Feel” the temptation while working, even though you love what you do, to perhaps check the news, social media, etc.

There’s this “Freedom” in just allowing yourself to just chill a bit. To absorb yourself in something else for a few minutes.

And when we do the switch we tend to slow down and absorb ourselves in the new content we are “Presenting” to our conscientious attention.

And what if we were to slow down enough for our imagination to flow with respect to our curiosity and creativity with what we were doing before we decided to make the “Glitch” or “Jump” to our little “Break”? Maybe we could even afford ourselves enough time to ask the question “How do I make this activity fun and stimulating and why is it that some activities are like that for me?”.

Might it be that what we were doing in the moment could be just as fulfilling and meaningful as the stimulation we get by hopping over to check the news?

I asked myself what it is that is stimulating when I’m doing an activity that is stimulating and usually, apart from social scenarios, it is that the material and concepts that I’m working with are stimulating and my mind enjoys the “Float” or the “Flow” of the interaction and application, very much as it did when I was playing in the Sandbox as a child building roads and garages for my match box cars. It was a simple, creative, and fun experience that it was easy to get absorbed in.

So what happens is this: the teacher of Zen constantly throws curves at his students and puts them in dilemma situations where they have to act immediately. One of the things, of course, that you mustn’t do is rush, because rush is a form of hesitation. When a person rushes to get a train he starts to fall over his own feet, see? So it really holds him up. It’s like trying to drive at high speed through the water with a blunt-nosed boat.

— Alan Watts

An interesting art form is practicing visualizing everything to be done before doing and doing it within any rush and without any hesitation.

Seeing what is being done in the entire context that it is being done so that one gets a thorough sense of it.

Do or do not. There is no try

— Yoda

This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

— Alan Watts

The “Big Bang” is simply the expressing of all the Thought development that occurred prior to the physical. It is the final stage of Interia of Will and follow-through.

(Practice creating your desires, step-by-step, with visualization, will, and activity.

Give it your Undivided Attention.

And you’ll come to understand the process.)

Kevin W. Hay

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