What are Psychological Blockages?

Often we will see a therapist mention or read material on Psychology where the author talk about Blockages.

Well what exactly are these so called blockages?

I can play back my memory from childhood like it’s a high definition movie and one thing that is very clear to me is that I most likely experienced many of the “Traumatic” things that many of us experience, kids being racist towards me in school, parents fighting and so on.

However as a child anything traumatic simply just bounced off of me. My mind was everything that was happening in the moment and I did not carry any of it with me ever, as my mind would be to busy experiencing and being stimulated by new moments.

If our internal energy is a stream then that stream was on full blast all the time and there was nothing blocking it. No dams, no river otters, nothing. Just free flowing thought and I was in a delightful mood all the time.

So what changed. I went from being super aware and connected with everything at all times to being completely disconnected from all of my emotions and my entire face went numb and my body stopped healing (Had a pulled hamstring for years at a very young age).

I think most of us are somewhere on this spectrum.

So what happened and what does it have to do with blockages?

Well in my view blockages are simply the bodies level of Toxicity.

The more toxic the body becomes, depending on what we choose to consume, the more blockage we experience.

What the blockages are are damage to the body that your energy now has to be diverted to try to fix, and so the less energy your body has to create a great experience for you. It’s gone from creating a pure joyous wonderful experience for you at all times to being a garbage man.

I’ve written more about this in these articles and how I healed my body (Vision, lungs — no more allergies, hearing, essentially every body part…).

If you define yourself as a bowling ball, you will play life like it.

— Alan Watts



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