Using Papaparse with Typescript

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Updated Version

There’s an updated version of this article here:

If you want to use Papaparse without typescript then the approach could look like this:

const papa = require('papaparse');
const fs = require('fs');
const file = fs.readFileSync('sample.csv', 'utf8');
papa.parse(file, {
complete: (result) => console.dir(

We want to do this with Typescript so first install ts-node in order to execute our .ts files directly without having to compile them:

npm i -g ts-node

You may also wish to create an alias such that you can just type ts each time you want to run your script.

npm install --save @types/node

The readFileSync function can now be imported like this:

import {readFileSync} from 'fs';

Install the types for Papaparse:

npm i -g @types/papaparse;

Import the parse function directly like this:

import { parse } from ‘papaparse’;

The entire equivalent typescript final version is:

import { parse } from 'papaparse';
import { readFileSync } from 'fs';
const file = readFileSync('sample.csv', 'utf8');
parse(file, {complete: (result) => console.dir(});

Now you can go CSV crazy! Just make sure you keep all fingers over the laptop keyboard at all times. Enjoy.

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Ole Ersoy

Ole Ersoy

Founder of Firefly Semantics Corporation

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