Using Objects with Angular @Input Properties

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export type Language = 'javascript' | 'typescript' | 'elixir';export class Config {
name: string = 'RxJS';
responsive: boolean = true;
language: Language = 'typescript';
[config]="{ name: 'Firefly Semantics Slice',
language: 'typescript',
responsive: true }"


<hello [config]="{ name: name, language: 'typescript', responsive: false }">
Property 'name' is missing in type '{ language: "typescript"; responsive: true; }' but required in type 'Config'
_config: Config = new Config();@Input()
set config(c: Partial<Config>) {
this._config = Object.assign(this._config, c);
get config() {
return this._config;




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Ole Ersoy

Ole Ersoy

Founder of Firefly Semantics Corporation