Understanding What a Block Chain Block Is

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Updated Version

import { SHA256 } from "crypto-js";
import { nanoid } from "nanoid";
class Block {
public index: number,
public timestamp: string,
public data: any,
public precedingHash: string,
public nonce?: string) {
this.nonce = this.nonce ? this.nonce : nanoid();
signature() {
return SHA256(
this.index +
this.precedingHash +
this.timestamp +
this.nonce +
const transactionData = {sender: "Ole Ersoy",recipient: "Satoshi Nakamoto",quantity: 1};const block1 = new Block(0, "02/02/2021", transactionData, "0", "nonce");const block2 = new Block(0, "02/02/2021", transactionData, "0", "nonce");console.log(`Signature of Block 1: ${block1.signature()}`);console.log(`Signature of Block 2: ${block2.signature()}`);


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