SASS Terniary Expressions


We want to use a ternary expression in SASS.

This would allow us to for example initialize a default variable when a value is not defined liked this (Taken from the Angular define-palette) .

warn: if($warn != null, $warn, define-palette(palette.$red-palette)),


The evaluation of the below expression will set $result to $foreground .

$property: 'text';$result: if($property == 'text', '$foreground', '$background');@debug $result;

Angular Material Theming also uses it like this:

// We cast the $hue to a string, because some hues starting with a number, like `700-contrast`,// might be inferred as numbers by Sass. Casting them to string fixes the map lookup.$color: if(map.has-key($palette, $hue), map.get($palette, $hue), map.get($palette, $hue + ''));




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Ole Ersoy

Ole Ersoy

Founder of Firefly Semantics Corporation