Linting Git Commits According to the Conventional Commits Specification with Husky and Commitlint

Ole Ersoy
2 min readMar 19, 2024


Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay


Within our Node.js based ( Angular, React, etc.) projects we want to reject commits that do not adhere to the Conventional Commits specification.


Within our project install commitlint.

npm i -D @commitlint/cli @commitlint/config-conventional

Extend the commitlint conventional configuration.

echo "module.exports = { extends: ['@commitlint/config-conventional'] };" > commitlint.config.js

Install and initialize Husky.

npm i -D husky && npx husky init

In order to trigger commitlint when commits are made, create the commit-msg file in the .husky project folder.

echo "npx --no -- commitlint --edit \$1" > .husky/commit-msg

When we run npx husky init Husky also create the ./husky/pre-commit file and it contain npm test and this will cause errors if there is no such script. So replace npm test with our test command or just delete the pre-commit file. You can always add it back later.

Assuming we have both pre-commit and commit-msg files, set the file permission to executable.

chmod u+x .husky/pre-commmit
chmod u+x .husky/commit-msg

Now try a commit.

touch testfile
add .
commit -m "fooboo: this commit will fail"

We get this linting error.

⧗   input: fooboo: this commit will fail
✖ type must be one of [build, chore, ci, docs, feat, fix, perf, refactor, revert, style, test] [type-enum]

✖ found 1 problems, 0 warnings
ⓘ Get help:

husky - commit-msg script failed (code 1)

Lets try it again.

git commit -m "chore: commit initial project files"

The files are committed.