You have the natural ability to heal. If you cut your finger or break a bone your body goes to work on it immediately.

Your’e body is constantly repairing things inside you the same way bees collect pollen.

The body is is a complex organism with many interrelated and co dependent parts and they all depend on each other in some way.

There is one healer that understands all that and that is you. Your energy knows how to repair things. You trust it to beat your heart and keep you breathing, to grow your nails, your hair, digest your food and so on and while it’s doing all that it’s also repairing things inside you.


The question is whether it is possible to overload the bodies healing energy?

For example what would happen if we drank 10 milk shakes in a row?

Perhaps also combined that with greasy french fries and fried chicken.

What would our body do with that?

Obviously it has to process it in some way. And it’s fair to ask “While its processing excess is it also continuing to heal and repair things?”.

It’s quite possible that we have at the moment of ingesting all this overloaded our bodies capacity to heal us, since it’s now so busy dealing with the excess.

Now lets consider what the sugar and grease and so on does to us internally.

We just assume the body will remove all of it after a while right?

What if the contrary is true? What if the sugar acts as a poison that both seeps into the colon and degenerates it so that it no longer can perform its functions optimally? Sugar is a very sticky thing. It could be that for the most part some of it stays behind causing chronic degeneration in the bodies healing mechanism, since it is not constantly working on the damage the sugar has done and is continuously doing.

We would feel and sense some of these effects slowly over time, but it’s quite possible that we ignore the correlation, since it’s all happening so slowly.

After a few years we may feel blue, develop anxiety / depression, etc. and many other types of symptoms. The body is a complex mechanism and the effects of degeneration will most likely be different in all of us.

One thing I notice after cutting out sugar … mostly … is my dark eye circles disappeared, my allergies disappeared, my chest feels cleaner and more open, my nose is always clear.

My vision, focus, and energy levels are all improving, and I can work out for much longer periods and I heal faster.

This September I’ll be 49. It’s an interesting contrast from when I was 19 and had a chronic hamstring injury that simply would not heal, heavy dark eye circles, and I felt depressed, numb, and disconnected.

You can tell them anything they don’t already know and won’t be able to show them anything until they know it — Alan Watts.

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