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  • Rachana Puranik

    Rachana Puranik

  • Melissa Perez

    Melissa Perez

  • Eddye Ernesto Rios

    Eddye Ernesto Rios

    Desarrollador Web Frontend, con experiencia en maquetación responsive y crossbrowser, fan de HTML5 y CSS3. Autodidacta y proactivo, apasionado de la tecnología.

  • Kevin Danikowski

    Kevin Danikowski

    Love learning, tinkering, and problem solving.

  • Prakhar Pathak

    Prakhar Pathak

    I am a budding marine engineer having an inclination towards writing.

  • Sergio Romero

    Sergio Romero


  • Md Rejwanul Hoque

    Md Rejwanul Hoque

  • Kevin Tomas

    Kevin Tomas

    Hi there ✌🏽My name is Kevin and I'm a junior software developer from Hamburg! I'm interested in everything concerning Data Science and Web Development!

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