Extending Angular Material Themes with Success and Danger Colors


We wish to include success and danger color palettes in the theming of our Angular Material themes.


Wrap the Angular Material Light and Dark theming function merging in the additional color values.

We create the theme and the $danger-success map and merge the two.

@return map-merge($light-theme, $danger-success);

We can now create the dark theme with the merged values like this:

// ============================================
// Palettes: https://material.io/design/color/
// ============================================
$theme-primary: mat.define-palette(mat.$indigo-palette);
$theme-accent: mat.define-palette(mat.$cyan-palette);
$theme-warn: mat.define-palette(mat.$orange-palette);
$theme-success: mat.define-palette(mat.$green-palette);
$theme-danger: mat.define-palette(mat.$red-palette);
$dark-theme: theme.fs-dark-theme(

Retrieve success and danger colors as follows.

$dangerpalette: map.get($dark-theme, danger);$successpalette: map.get($dark-theme, success);$dangerdefault: mat.get-color-from-palette($dangerpalette, default);$successdefault: mat.get-color-from-palette($successpalette, default);@debug $dangerdefault;@debug $successdefault;

To see the entire theme log the trace like this.

$tracetheme: logger.pretty-map($dark-theme);
@debug $tracetheme;

The logger comes from the package.




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Ole Ersoy

Ole Ersoy

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