Creating a Typed Reactive Angular Contact Form


We need a typed and reactive Contact form that gives us autocompletion for the form fields in our IDE and also provides error linting if we try to access fields that are not in the form.


Project Setup

We will create a Stackblitz and add @angular/material to the dependencies for the form UX.

Also to index.html add the link for Material Icons.


and to styles.scss add the indigo pink theme.

@import '~@angular/material/prebuilt-themes/indigo-pink.css';

Initialize app.module.ts .

Form Interface

First in app.component.ts define the interface for the form controls.

// Contact Form Interface
export interface IContactForm {
name: FormControl<string>;
email: FormControl<string>;
phone?: FormControl<string | null>;

In the youtube that goes along with this article we point out the additional benefits of this interface.

Next define the form itself.

Note that we are passing in the Type of the form in the form constructor IContactForm .

Then bind the form controls to the template.


Here’s the demo again.



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