Image by Bessi from Pixabay

If you define yourself as a billiards ball, you will play life like it. — Alan Watts

When I was growing up from 0 to 12 it was a delightful amazing experience because I was in a beautiful magical environment. Oslo and and my suburb Nittedal really is the shit.

My grandparents lived in Lillehammer and I a lot of my time there and Christmas there is right out of a Novel.

Growing up I was so stimulated and conscious of everything around me as being “Me” / and I was never really aware of my body. That’s exactly how it should be.

Everyday in school my entertainment came from just observing everyone around me and sensing their energy and their emotion and it was the best thing ever. Just to be in touch / “Connected” / a ball in a stream of water.

So when that faded and everything became dark essentially, I could just look at actors and people that had that “Life Energy” and wonder if I would ever get it back?

So now that I have it again I get immense gratification from just looking at everyone and everything around me and I’m just so happy about it. Blocking removed / energy / emotion just flowing naturally the way it should.

“Running through streets that were painted Gold. We never believed we’d grow up like this.”

To enter the kingdom of heaven you have to come again as a child.

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