Are you loosing your child to Halloween?

Ole Ersoy
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My kids are about to finish High School and I’m finding out that it was not just my high school that had a lot of somewhat out of it kids or extremely out of it kids, that’s also true now. If you read this article perhaps even more true:

Having been one of those out of it kids I have been very curious as to how I went from a bouncing of the wall super happy non stop party train to super intraverted leave me alone I just want to stare at this black wall (Not quite true sometimes I would steer at a blue wall) person whos body had become a prison.

Here’s one theory. Candy. I grew up in Norway, and believe it or not we also eat a lot of candy there. Especially Turkish Peppers. Friggin awesome! I digress. Anyways I probably at approximately the same amount of candy as everyone else, but I think that all the preservatives and toxic cleaning material used to clean up candy manufacturing machinery could be one root cause of how we can go from extreme health to run down muck.

It’s the boil the frog in water effect. Throw a frog in boiling water he will jump out (Don’t try this at home). Cook him slowly in boiling water and he’ll chill out, have a Corona, and die (This is a happy death).

So how exactly does this happen. Another thing I noticed about myself is that even though I can eat a lot I don’t get fat. I’m not bragging and it’s not necessarily a good thing. How does my body protect me from getting fat? Well if we watch this video:

One thing, among a lot of other awesome things, she points out is that the colon (Or our bodies filters) can develop plaque (Specifically mucus plaque). It’s a hard plaque that coats our intestines, etc. and keeps food and nutrients from being absorbed properly while also causing a lot of other toxic effects.

That would explain why I don’t get fat. The excess I’m consuming is being turned into a wall and that wall is hard to get rid of, which I believe explains why it took me so long to recover my health. More here:

One thing that I think is a very effective way of keeping our kids filter clear is lemonade. I make a lot of fresh lemonade for my kids. Take 2 lemons, squeeze them, and mix that with some fresh squeezed orange juice and cranberry juice. It’s a really good drink and a very good cleaner. Campai!! A votre sante!

Final Thought Experiment

Suppose we only at Halloween candy all year what would happen?

Suppose we never ate candy what would happen and only ate healthy things that are still good?

Suppose we are right in the middle?

Most of us are right in the middle and I believe this is a coin flip. Half of us are OK (Some of us can eat only hot dogs and drink whisky and live a healthy happy life until 100) and the other half not.


Regardless of what the “Real” answer is I am 100% certain that the core mistake I made while very young was to assume that whatever I ate could not cause harm to my body. I was invisible and if I ate something that was “Bad” my body would “Handle” it.

Looking at the number of people with issues that we really should not be having and taking occams razor to it, candy and junk food is a fairly obvious ingredient.

The other thing I’m am 100% certain of is that the compounded consequences of this type of mistake are severe . Fairly certain it drives 80% of the pharmaceutical industries revenue.

I occasionally debate my theories with family members who do their best to run away and they point out that there are lots of other factors that can lead someone to be out of it.

This is true, but poor health will compound those factors significantly. For example I’m sure we all had a friend who had a mom that came home from work always grumpy. That’s a health issue. Low energy and fatigue will wear you down until almost everything looks like an obstacle or is something that is irritating. Seeing the beauty and deriving joy from all the small amazing things around us (Real sources of wealth) is something that has become a faint memory.

Fortunately it should be an easy fix!

“Your body does not eliminate poisons by knowing their names. To try to control fear or depression or boredom by calling them names is to resort to superstition of trust in curses and invocations.

— Alan Watts



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