Ole Ersoy

Image by Jaesung An from Pixabay


We have created the Angular Todo application using the Firefly Semantics Reactive State Manager and now we wish to document it using CompoDoc.



npm install -g @compodoc/compodoc

Clone Application

Clone the Todo application and initialize the dependencies.

git clone git@github.com:fireflysemantics/angulr-material-todo-application.gitcd angulr-material-todo-applicationnpm i 

Create the file tsconfig.doc.json with these contents.

"include": ["src/**/*.ts"],
"exclude": ["src/test.ts", "src/**/*.spec.ts", "src/app/file-to-exclude.ts"]

Create a package.json script that runs the documentation:

"scripts": {
"compodoc": "npx compodoc -p tsconfig.doc.json"

Run the compodoc generation on the application.

npm run compodoc

We can see from the log that the documentation has been generated into ./documentation/ .

Serve the documentation with the command:

compodoc -so

And have a look around.